Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

Time flies when you procrastinate. But I do have an excuse for not posting to my blog for a while. It's Spring, I've been busy and plenty o' things on my plate these days. The Liberal Store is coming along. We will be getting more inventory in this week in preparation for the upcoming First Friday Art Opening in the building. It will also be an extra long weekend, as the Blues Under the Bridge concert will be the following night and I plan to be open for both evenings. Yahoo!
I'll post a link when the server is back up and running. Meanwhile, you can check things out by going to www.bluesunderthebridge.com.
The incredible Robert Belfour will be playing that evening. Along with John Black and local favorites John-Alex Mason and The Jake Loggins Band, it promises to be a fun evening and a great kick off for The Liberal Store, too.

On this rainy day, my e-mail server has been down yet, once again. I would change companies in a heart beat, but everyone in the world has this e-mail address. I do have another one set up on Yahoo if anyone has trouble contacting me. It is diann80907@yahoo.com and it has yet to have a problem.....EVER!
Just have to remember to check it once in awhile.