Thursday, April 12, 2007

"....a bug in amber"

One of the most influential authors in my limited universe has died...
I credit him with dipping my toes into the realm of free thought, much of my quirky sense of humor and liberal leanings in politics.
My college years were sprinkled with Kurt Vonnegut's words and their effect was longer lasting than I could have ever imagined.
Someone said in memorium....."a library burned today". But I say, his pirate's sensibility and fearless writing will live on.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tanned and ready!

Back from my Yucatan vacation! Great snorkeling, much needed relaxation and lots of fun! But the flights, customs, security checks and the long waits in lines made it almost not worth the trouble of traveling there. We were most disappointed at the building and sale of lots in the biosphere, Sian Kahn, which is supposed to be a protected area. It was pretty obvious that the influx of American and European dollars has finally taken it's toll. Can't blame the Mexicans for wanting to cash in on the tourists, but as one returning vacationer we spoke with on the plane put it....."well, they will just sink with the rest of us!" Hundreds of taxis traveling up and down the peninsula spoke to the lack of public transportation and the latest job opportunity in the area. We saw Office Depot and Sam's Club in Playa del Carmen, along with a 7-11. Oh my gosh.
The days of secluded, relaxing adventure vacations down there have been replaced by Disneyland-like lagoons and crowded vans of people going to "jungle adventure" theme parks.
Prices were astronomical and we paid $7.00 for a frappacino at a Baskin-Robbins in the airport. Not your typical cheap Mexican vacation anymore! I still loved the beaches, the snorkeling and waking up to sounds of waves and birds. Tread lightly if you want to still go there. The only thing that can save the area is responsible tourism.