Friday, January 19, 2007

Get ready for Spring!

Come on now.....I'm trying to think positively while my feet become blocks of ice on this cold, concrete studio floor. The boyfriend and I are going to Mexico the last week of March and it won't be too soon! He's a native Colorado Springsian and claims that this is the most unusual Winter he has experienced here in quite some time. My parents would agree, I'm sure, as they "hunker down" in their RV, stranded in the Hill Country in Texas. Their getaway trip after the holidays turned into an icy retreat, complete with icicles precariously hanging from the roof of their traveling home to the ground. Last call from them yesterday was a comforting one, letting me know they were going to stay put until this third storm goes on through. Funny, I've become the worried parent in a complete role reversal. Running out to get more reading material, getting plenty of naps, along with lively games of dominoes to fend off boredom have now become their daily routine. Personally, it's been heck for business here. Who wants to think about screening 6.1 oz., short-sleeve t-shirts when it's 0 degrees outside? Things are picking up now, with the sale going on, but sure am looking forward to the busy Spring season.
I'm not ready to start playing dominoes quite yet.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Time for the January Sale!

Through the month of January, Rainy Days is pleased to offer all new customers free screen setups for their projects. I haven't tried this offer before, so we'll see how it goes. You could save a little or a lot, depending on the artwork. Don't wait. Wearable prices will be going up soon. January is the right time!

Oh no! More snow!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I'm back from Christmas vacation! I was a lucky woman and was able to fly out of Denver International on the second plane leaving from DIA after the first big storm on it's original schedule. I felt a bit guilty walking by all the people who had been stranded and sleeping in that airport for two days. Yes, I was lucky. I've paid for it though in the amount of snow shoveling I've had to do at home and at the studio. Two blizzards, back to back....pretty uncommon here, especially this time of year. But the sun is back out, the temperature is rising, streets are clearing and I'm back to work!
Thanks to all my customers who were so patient during that rushed week. A happy new year to you!